Dave's Good News, Episode 1

You and I are a lot alike.  We both are addicted to our phones and we both love loaded nachos.

Plus, we're tired of hearing so much bad news.  People hating other people.  Good people getting hurt. And plenty of other depressing stuff.

I had an idea the other day to start doing a regular "Good News" segment on our show.  I asked for people who have a great "Good News" story to share it with me so I can talk about it on the radio.

For example:  Maybe your dog ran away and someone found him ten days later, 20 miles away.  Or maybe you lost touch with your high school sweetheart, tried to forget him but never quite could and now you're married!

"We got a new puppy!" or "I graduated!" is a great thing, but it's not a story, so that won't quite work. Unless there's an amazing angle to the story that you have to share.

Here's my first one.  It's really cool and sweet and touching and it's GOOD new!

Send me your story to daveryan@kdwb.com

This is my good news story from the State Fair last year.  I am going this year and will be finding the perfect recipient for my Gary W. Anderson memorial hot dog.

History: My dad loved the Minnesota State Fair! His favorite food to eat was the Foot Long Hot Dog. The last couple of years, before he died, he wasn't able to go to the fair so he would ask me to pick him up a foot long and bring it back to him. (Yes, I felt silly carrying around a foot long hot dog, taking it on the shuttle bus and driving it 50 minutes to Belle Plaine. But it made my dad happy.) The last 3 years, I decided to make someone else happy by buying them a foot long hot dog in memory of my dad!

And the recipient of the "Gary Memorial Hotdog" is....Lisa!  

Well, here is where the chills come in...I started stalking the Foot Long Hot Dog stand around noon, waiting for the perfect candidate for my special hot dog. I wasn't feeling it. I left for a while and came back. Still not feeling it. I was actually getting anxious about needing to find the perfect person. Then I saw Lisa. I asked her if she would let me buy her the hot dog in memory of my dad. She responded, "Oh, that would be wonderful! I'm actually getting this foot long to bring home to my dad! I even brought the tin foil and everything! So you are actually buying this for my dad! That is so nice, thank you!"

Chris Skluzacek (I'm the one in the brown shirt)

Thank you Chris!  I LOVE your story and I'm so glad you found the perfect recipient for your dad's hot dog. Very sweet. 

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