Tina’s Weekend in Five-ish Photos 8/24 - 8/26

This weekend was the best!

Hey guys, positive Tina here! (pause for reation) I'm here to tell you about my super fantastic weekend!! (not sarcasm).

Friday 8/24 -

Your favorite, my favorite, Rav-Nasty, aka Raven, was in town this weekend!! She moved to Dallas in the spring and I've missed my friend so much!!

Speaking of missing friends - Harry is going to be leaving us soon :( We had a going away party for him Friday night at Punch Bowl Social.


Saturday 8/25 -

Saturday the Dave Ryan Show broadcasted LIVE from the State Fair! I had so much fun & it was awesome to meet so many of you!!

This is me, after 4 hours of standing, no sitting, in the heat, with 0 food, on my death bed, in front of our SUPER AMAZING selfie wall! Make sure you stop by the KDWB booth and grab your picture!

Somehow I managed to find my way back to the fair for friend time. 

The 3 amigas - Lauren, Raven & Tina

Is this picture super cool or super creepy?? It's me in a fun house.


Sunday 8/26 -

We brunched. 

Harry & are I were super candid walking down the street.

After brunch comes donuts. Got these little babies from Sleepy V's!

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