Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: August 24 - 26

Probably the busiest weekend I've had this year.  Let's get started!

We did the show from the fair on Saturday.  It was so fun. I truly love meeting people who listen to our show and I love hearing from people who tell me, "I've listened since I was 12!" or "My kids and I listen to your show."  That's the best.  I love being a part of your day and I SO appreciate that you listen, whether it's a little or a lot, or for a long time or you just found our show.

Oh, and these four...They're just the best!

Jumping backward to Friday night.  The Boy Scouts had a campout at Minneopa State Park by Mankato. I couldn't stay because I had to get up and be at the fair on Saturday, but I drove down and hung out and tried to help out a little before driving back home Friday night.

Back to the fair. I had a great time walking around and over-eating!

-Go see the goats.  They're friendly and curious like dogs.

-The VR arcadge inside the big arcade next to the butterfly exhibit. It's awesome and it's only five bucks.

-Meeting a woman who invented a sewing needle that's easy to thread. It's hard to explain but  you put the thread in through the side of the eye of the needle, so it's not challenging at all. Go see her on the top floor of the grandstand.

-The cheese curds booth right by the giant slide has FOUR flavors of cheese curds: Original, garlic, jalepeno, and ranch. OMG they're so good!

Sunday morning, my band, Dat Brass Doe, was in the Woodbury Days Parade. We had a great time and although I don't think I've ever played worse, it was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who yelled my name out and everyone I got to meet.

Just a quiet moment at home with my two buddies, vying for attention.

And I just noticed I'm wearing the same hat in every one of these pictures. Oh well!

I hope you had a great weekend too! Thanks for looking at my blog and as always, thanks for listening to our show!


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