This Guy Creates Food From TV & Movies!

My newest obsession is Binging with Babish.

Binging with Babish is a YouTube cooking channel created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea which recreates recipes featured in television and film. And it's SO COOL!!

Babish/Rea (whatever you feel like calling him) perfectly executes even the most ridiculous of foods while a lovely voice over plays. It's relaxing to listen to and addictive to watch. If you love food shows, this is for you!

Ever wanted to taste a Krabby Patty?

How about the most amazing Disney food ever created -

Are you obsessed with Always Sunny? Of course you are.

Have you ever wanted to taste Riot Juice? No you have not because you're not a crazy person.

But learn how to make it PLUS Fight Milk, Run Ham, Grilled Charlie and Milk Steak (ew)

Are you a Potterhead??

Well feast (he he he) your eyes on this!

Are you a Tina?

Were you obsessed with the movie "Chef" cuz I was!!

If you pay for Netflix every month just so you can have a subscription to every season of "The Office" than this one's for you!

So you say you're more of a Parks person? I feel that.

Who could forget the ICONIC Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff with Chris and Ron!?

No one could forget this iconic scene from Matilda.

This is probably the movie food that looks the most delicious that I would, at the same time, never want to eat because #roses #ew.

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