The Way You and Your Partner Text Can Determine Your Level of Happiness

While plenty of relationships have been wrecked because one partner is constantly glued to their phone, new research suggests that having the same texting habits as your partner can make you happier in your relationship. And some romantic partners who sext in moderation actually report more satisfaction in bed.

For the study, researchers quizzed 205 adults in romantic relationships about their emotional security, texting habits and relationship satisfaction. They found couples who have a similar texting style to their S.O. reported being happier in their relationship - even if they were complaining about each other. It seems it’s all about sending messages that are similar in tone and length, no matter how often the partners text.

Dr. Leora Trub recently presented the findings of the study and she explains that how couples texted mattered more than how often they text in terms of satisfaction with the relationship. So quality counts over quantity here.

And Trub also points out that “frequent sexters” - those who send steamy messages several times a week - and “hyper sexters” - those who send them every day - were more likely to experience conflict with their partners. Sexting can spice things up, but there could be a downside to too much of a good thing.

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