Colt's Weekend in Five Photos

That's how my weekend ended. Well, actually... It ended with me eating pizza to avoid a hangover directly after this shot that I took. 

My wife was in town for the weekend. We're doing long distance soooo I only see her every so often up until she moves here in December.

Anyways, Friday we didn't do much. I worked and then we went over to my boss' place to let out his pups. They're super cute. Gunner and Cooper are the best of buds and were ecstatic to play fetch far into the night!

Saturday was super fun. It was the last full day with Jenn in town soooooo we spent it all downtown! We walked around the sculpture garden, crossed the street to that awesome park & ended up eating at The Newsroom downtown. 

Jenn took some basic candid photos of us:

Later that night we went to uptown and captured the first photo above in the blog. We started at our friends house to celebrate our other friends visiting from Rochester. We then walked to UpTown Tav. Super super super fun. 

OH!! and one of my bffs asked me to be in his wedding. I said no, do you know who I am? I'm famous. K just kidding, obviously I was ridiculously honored to be a part of their lovely day as they were in our wedding:

Before I took Jenn to the airport on Sunday we walked around Lake Calhoun or whatever the hell it's called these days. 

My favorite times with her include us hanging out walking around doing nothing but chatting about our lives and things going on with them.

What'd you do this weekend?

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