Ladies, Here's Why You Hold Your Mouth Open When Applying Mascara

Do you open your mouth when you apply mascara? You probably do, because most of us do, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? It’s a subconscious action, body language expert Blanca Cobb explains, so we don’t realize we’re doing it at the time, and here’s the science behind why we open our mouths when we put on mascara.

Dropping your mouth to apply mascara may look strange, but it actually serves a purpose. If you’ve ever shoved a mascara wand into your eye by mistake, you know what a pain that can be, so we try to keep our eyes as wide as possible when coating our lashes with one and stay as still as possible. And the rest is just the way we’re wired.

"Two different nerves control the muscles that open and close your mouth and upper eyelids, and those nerves are located close together on your body," Cobb explains. "The leading theory for why your mouth opens while you apply mascara is because those nerves are cross-firing."

And once we get used to applying mascara that way, it can be hard to stop. Cobb calls it “reinforced behavior.” We just know it works, so we keep doing it.


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