Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 8/3 - 8/5

Just trying to be a lazy loser and failing miserably. 

Oh hey guys, it's me Tina. I had another eventful weekend... Eeyore sigh**.

Friday 8/3 -

I didn't take any photos, but I hung out with Harry. We went to Target then to grab food and then we just hung out & talked life before the MASSIVE thunderstorm hit.

I used to have a huge fear of thunderstorms as a kid. Now I think they're kinda cool.

Saturday 8/4 -

Saturday morning I was forced/guilt tripped into going to brunch with Harry, Falen & Jake. We went to Saint Dinette.

I ate a plate of fried chicken.

Afterwards we went to the farmers market

Then I decided to go into work. I secretly love going into work on a Saturday. It's really calming to be the only person around and get shit done at your own place.

I planed to just go for a few hours... I ended up staying for 7.

Sunday 8/5 -

SPOILER ALERT* I did not sleep forever. I woke up Sunday and went to the MN Zoo with Harry! We were super pumped for Kangaroo Crossing!!

Since Harry is leaving soon, my parents wanted to throw him a going away dinner. We made a Range Family tradition - pizza pudgie pies. They are basically uncrustables, but full of pizza goodness. They are insane and everyone who we introduce them to in obsessed.

If this isn't the most uncomfy pic of all time.

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