Zach Dillon's Weekend in 5 photos 7/27-7/29

My sister celebrated her 40th birthday this past weekend with a big ole' party that I couldn't be at because I can't just jump in a car and get to Vermont that easily.  However, with technology, it allowed me to "be there" with her!

My parents both made my sisters 40th... They got divorced almost 10 years ago and still remain great friends which makes me happy!

I didn't know that on Facebook Messenger you can video 3 ways! So cool... we got my brother on from Phoenix, me in Minnesota and my Mom in Vermont! #technology

Happened to get in a modeling photo shoot on Sunday morning... 

Ok, I don't model... I was making fun of myself.  We did the beach on Sunday though! Lake Nokomis, which I hadn't been to in so long!  Very cool spot for kids!

Kids were having a blast!

We got out of there literally as it started to rain and thunder.  It was a good weekend!  Next weekend it's cabin weekend, can't wait for that! -z

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