The Surprising Things Caffeine Does To Your Body And Mind

Most of us, if not all of us, gets a shot of caffeine a day even if we try not to. I know – if it says “decaf” it should be – but nope. It’s in most everything we love like dark chocolate, ice cream, fruit sodas, some protein bars, and weight-loss pills. Get this, even some breath fresheners and sunflower seeds may have added caffeine!

  • It tricks your brain into thinking you aren’t tired– Just don’t count on it if you’re driving drowsy.
  • One cup of coffee can boost your memory for about a day– You even remember the boring stuff.
  • It could increase your lifespan– Not by much, but a little works!
  • They tell people when they care– Make sure you’re telling people when you feel a certain way about them.
  • Everyone’s brain reacts to caffeine differently– Don’t count on miracles.