Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 7/27 - 7/29

How in the hell was this the last weekend in July?? HOW!?

It's not funny. This summer is going WAY too fast!! Make it stop.

Friday 7/27 -

Harry decided that he wanted to go to the Journey concert on Friday night. So I said sure. Got a litttttttle too lost in the sauce and bought a Def Leppard t-shirt. I regret nothing.


Saturday 7/28 -

Saturday (after sleeping in) I went bowling with my fellow members of TEAM. That's the OG promo squad. Kyle, Ellen and Joel. Somehow, after all this time, we still love hanging out together even though we all have new jobs and lives. TEAM forever.

Saturday night we celebrated this hobo's birthday... even though it's not actually for another week...

HBD Jake!

Sunday 7/29 -

I went to brunch with my friend Lauren. We decided on Augustine's in St. Paul because we were looking for a good bloody bar! I would totally recommend!

After brunch we walked around Lake Como and decided to go over to the zoo. Fun fact - orangutans are my most favorite animal and my #1 life goal is to hold a baby one. I'm not kidding. This is the thing I want most in the world.

We were both craving soft-serve, so we stopped off for some at Conny's on the way home!

I spent all other waking hours in bed binging movies. I watched Fired Up (a classic), Kicking and Screaming and Accepted. 

Solid weekend.

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