Things That Were Better Before the Internet Came Along

I may be old, but I'm not one of those people who don't like technology. It makes our lives SO much easier.

But think about it. Technology has ruined everything from work-life balance, dating, big life events, trivia questions and having a pet.

Work-Life Balance:  You can't get away from work because if you try to play mini-golf with your partner, you'll get a text from work.

Dating: You used to show up and have a nice surprise (most of the time!) with someone your friend set you up with. Now you already know what they look like and can google them to find things you probably will decide not to like about them.

Big Life Events:  You can't get engaged anymore without thinking about the perfect picture of the event to post online. Same with weddings, birthday parties and having a baby.

Trivia questions:  What was the name of the big rock in "The Lion King"? No need to know. Just hit up Google.

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