How Susan's Cancer Scare Inspired Change

Maybe you heard this story. Susan was in the hospital last winter for a few days. During that time, I'd wander down to the family room just for change from hanging in the room.

It wasn't a poor or run-down hospital, it was top-notch.  But the family room entertainment options weren't good.  See my tweet below.

I didn't honestly know if there was a need for better options in the family rooms.  After all, do people want to play cards or Scrabble or color when we all have our phones to play on?

Turns out that yes, there is a need. And Chive Minnesota jumped in and made it happen.

I just love these people. They also do an annual golf tournament with the proceeds going to our annual KDWB Christmas Wish.

Thanks Chive! You are amazing! You helped a lot of people!

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