Six Foods That Could Be Ruining Your Teeth

  • Citrus fruits - Sure, oranges and grapefruits are healthy for us, but they also have high levels of citric acid, which can raise the risk for enamel erosion and make teeth more sensitive.
  • Pickled foods - We love that distinct flavor of pickled foods but the acidic vinegar isn’t great for our teeth.
  • Tomato sauce - A big bowl of pasta is comfort food at its finest, but tomatoes are high in citric acid and canned tomatoes, which are often used in making pasta sauces are even higher in acid.
  • Popcorn - It’s the perfect movie snack at home or in the theater, and while popcorn doesn’t naturally contain any acids or sugars, chomping down on a hard, unpopped kernel of corn can crack your teeth! And if you prefer caramel corn, those hard, sticky sugars are a no-no for your teeth, according to the dentist.

  • Ice - Some of us love chewing on ice, but like other hard foods, chewing on ice can increase the risk of tooth fracture, especially teeth with large fillings.
  • Misleading “healthy foods” - Read labels on energy bars and cereals and if sugar is near the top of the ingredient list, pick a different snack. And know what you’re reading, terms like fructose and sucrose are just another way to say sugar. Sweet drinks like fruit juice and lemonade are bad for teeth, too, even the sugar-free versions, which can still contain acids that damage tooth enamel.

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