She Wore WHAT For Her Senior Pictures???

I met a really cool girl on the Drag Queens cruise last weekend and we talked about how she loved KDWB so much that she wore a KDWB hoodie for her senior pictures.

Here's Kendra's  story:

Hey guys!

My name is Kendra and I talked to Dave on Drag Brunch Cruise this weekend about how I got my senior photos done in my KDWB sweatshirt! He said I should send them in so I dug them out for y'all! I unfortunately parted with most of my memorabilia like I Kissed a Girl shirt and MN girl booty shorts, as well as my blue and green sweatshirts but I still have my red!  

I have a long history of listening and have actually talked with you guys several times in different ways. Even one time on air with Spivey after I wrote you a letter about a dark time my mom was going through (better now). My mom has wished my happy bday through you guys many times, I have come to events, and surprisingly much more to that list. Basically just a big fan and want to show you guys some love. Have a good one!

And hope you get a kick out of the pics! 

If you've got old pictures of you wearing KDWB apparel, I'd love to see it!  Send it to me at

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