My All-Time Favorite Joke

Hundreds of years ago, there was a Native American Couple named "Big Rock" and "Tumbling Rock." They had a little boy and they named him "Falling Rock."

Falling Rock loved to go exploring and he would wander away from his mom and dad's camp almost every day.  His mom and dad never worried about him because he always came back.

A few times, Falling Rock was even gone overnight, but his mom, Tumbling Rock, would tell his dad, Big Rock, "Don't worry, he never gets lost, he always comes back."

And sure enough, walking into camp, here comes Falling Rock.

One day, Falling Rock left camp and told his mom and dad he'd be back in a day or two, and not to worry.

When he didn't return the next day, they weren't alarmed. But on the next day, they started to worry a little bit.  When they'd hear a noise, they'd look up, expecting to see Falling Rock, but it was a deer or a fox rustling through the grass.

After about 5 days, they were really worried and started to look for him.  They asked their friends and neighbors to look for him too. But after weeks of searching through the hills and the forests,  they never found him.

That's why, when you drive through the mountains today, you'll see this sign.

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When I was little, like four years old, this joke was real to me.  It actually made me sad.  I still love it cuz it's so stupid.

When you tell your kids, or other adults, you don't need the picture, just say, "That's why, when you drive through the mountains today, you'll see the signs that says, 'Watch Out For Falling Rock."


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