Amazon Prime is Ruining the Environment

I get it.  I love Amazon Prime too. But I wonder about all that waste.  Not just cardboard, but driving heavy delivery trucks and sucking up fuel and polluting the environment which is already, in my opinion, on the verge of serious collapse.

Not to mention, when you order say, a mug, it'll sometimes come in a giant box, way bigger than it needs to be.  And while you and I recycle those boxes, recycling has an impact on the environment too. Don't forget, recycling centers don't run on electricity, and it takes a lot of fuel (again) to take those boxes to the recycling center.

There's no perfect solution. When we shop at Target, we're still driving there, using fuel. Target has to be cooled and heated and trucks still have to deliver TVs, lufa sponges and Fruit Roll Ups to Target. But kidding ourselves that Amazon Prime is the perfect solution because it's convenient is kind of like throwing your empty McDonald's bag out of your car window because "it's easy."

Love to hear your thoughts. I'm not a crazy environmentalist, but anyone can plainly see we're seriously screwing up our planet and we only have one. And we're all guilty.  Susan and I live in a larger house and we use a ton of power to heat and cool it. And we mostly drive alone, sucking up more fuel and creating more pollution, because it's convenient and easy.

The worst offenders? Rich celebrities who spout off about global warming, yet heat and cool and power several gigantic homes, jets, SUVs, etc. The worst of the worst?  Musicians.  Yes, we love going to see them in concert, but think of the energy that's consumed to do it. Fuel for the trucks, powering the arena, and the incredibly massive amount of fuel burned for each fan to drive to the arena and back home.

Sporting events are just as bad, if not worse.

But it's fun and convenient, so we don't care. I'm definitely not saying we should stay home and grow our own food and never do laundry. I'm just pointing out how most of us think we're doing a good job, but because of our self-centered society, we're really actually doing a terrible job. But if people are getting rich off it, and we're having a good time, we pretend it's all well and good.

I don't like long articles, and this one is an 11-minute read, but if you want to check it out and skim through it, it's here. 

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