Are You Brave Enough to Wear a Stick-On Bikini?

Duct tape can be used for so many projects around the house and now apparently, it’s a fashion trend as well. As part of a Miami Swim Week fashion show, models took to the runway wearing stick-on bathing suits from the Black Tape Project.

Styles of the swimwear range from glitzy gold looks to styles that were more obvious, the “I’ve wrapped myself in black duct tape” look. And if you thought regular bikinis and thongs were revealing, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. These experimental bathing suits are a lot more daring than regular swimwear.

These stick-on swimsuits are basically just little bits of tape covering the nipples and crotch, with embellishments like sleeves or wrist decorations. But they leave very little to the imagination and we’ve officially seen it all now … literally.

Sure, these custom suits are tailored to your shape, so no more saggy bottoms, but can you imagine what a nightmare these would be to remove? Taking off a wet bikini is a pain, but this sticky situation takes it to the next level. We’ll just stick with the lycra, thanks.

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