Flying to Pipestone, Minnesota

Weekend before last, Susan was out of town with Allison and Carson had just left for band camp so I rode my motorcycle to Pipestone, Minnesota. It's one of my favorite small towns.  I stayed at the Calumet Inn, an old hotel built in 1887. They were holding a silent auction that weekend and I bid on two items, a cutting board and a tool set.

I got the call last week that I had won so I knew it would be a great excuse to fly out there today to pay for them and pick them up. So that's what I did!

Flying into Pipestone, there are hundreds of these wind turbines everywhere. It's kind of mind boggling.

And because of the heavy rains lately, lots of flooded fields.

This is right over my very favorite spot in Minnesota, Fort Ridgely.  It's an old army fort that was active around 1850 to 1890.  It was the site of a huge and historic battle with the Sioux in 1862.  Look closely above the tire and you'll see the site of the fort. It's the square with the circle in the middle. The building at the bottom right of the square is the original fort commissary. It's an amazing, beautiful and now peaceful place and I highly recommend you visit it this summer!

More wind turbines.

Approaching Pipestone from the north.

A crop-dusting plane fueling up in Pipestone.

That's my plane way in the background.

Bonus pic: On the way back, I flew right over downtown Chaska.

It was a great flight and I can actually say it served a purpose!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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