Zach Dillon's Weekend in 5 Photos 7-13-18/7-15-18

Hit up MOA and Nick Universe with the kids this weekend... (we have season passes, it's totally worth it!)

On bright sunny, beach days in the summer... there's not a ton of people at Nick Universe which is GREAT because that means NO LINES! Kids can get right on pretty much any ride without any waiting.

A day out at a theme park means arguing between the two littles at least a couple times... not agreeing on the direction the spinner should go on Bubble Guppies ride here... 

Saturday and Sunday this past weekend had BEACH written all over it.  Sunday was the day we chose to go.  It was HOT but the kids had a blast!

And it had been months (granted I don't play nearly as much as most people,) but I was playing SQUADS and all 3 of my teammates had died and it was up to me to bring it home and I did... I won the whole darn thing.  I don't know why I care or why you would care, but, I had to take a picture of it because I have no idea if I'll ever win again :P

Hope you had a great weekend! Can't believe were already halfway through July now.  State Fair is here like NEXT WEEK.   ugh -z

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