New Jean Trend That You May Find Dumb, Upside-Down Jeans

 There's been a big trend over the past few years of high fashion companies selling the DUMBEST jeans possible.

  We're talking everything from jeans with pre-ripped butt cheeks to jeans that look like one pair tucked into another pair.  And here's the latest . . .


A fashion company called Cie Denim just released UPSIDE-DOWN JEANS.  Like, the belt loops go around your ankles, the pockets are right there facing downward on your calves, and the fly is down there too.

  But since they have to stay on, they've also got a fly and a button on the top . . . which just makes them look SUPER confusing.

And they cost $495 . . . or $385, if you want the jorts version. 

 Check out their Instagram for more pics of the new fashion trend.

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