Murder Monday: A Killer Invite!

Donna and Mark were a normal couple, Donna worked at a hospital while Mark was a nuclear engineer living in Springfield, IL. The couple was living the suburban dream, they had a lot going for them but no child.  It was a struggle and after trying for some time to have a baby they decided to adopt.  It was an exciting time, this was before cell phones but that didn't stop them from snapping pics of their little bundle of joy. 

One day Donna flew with the new baby down to Florida to visit her mother and father and because of Mark's schedule, they decided to have her use a shuttle van to take the 1 1/2 trip from the airport to their house.  

When Donna got home Mark says she was a mess.  The ride was out of a horror film, the driver was a man named Roger Harrington, who had been working for the van company for six months. Donna had told Mark that the man was speeding down the interstate with the Donnah and her new baby and while he never touched her but it's what he said, he said things about killing people, setting car bombs, mutilating people."

 Mark called the guys boss and lost it, how could he hire someone like that....the person is insane. The van company apologized but that wasn't enough so Mark told his wife that he should write the van company a strongly worded letter to complain about the service.

 This letter was enough and resulted in the van company suspending the driver.A few days later, Mark was downstairs running on the treadmill, breathing heavy when he heard a sound.  A thud. His first thought, it was the baby, nervous the baby had rolled off the bed after falling asleep on their bed in the master bedroom he stopped the treadmill, then he heard another strange noise but it wasn't coming from the direction of their room, it was right above him, in the dining room.  Mark knew something was wrong, he grabbed the gun he kept hidden in the closet and ran up the stairs, down the hallway and horrified at what he saw.  

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