Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/13 - 7/15

WELLLLLL,  after I made a big deal about whether or not to take my foot stitches out myself or go to a doctor, I decided to have a professional do it because I was scared of infections.  So, I spent 2 hours Friday at an Urgent Care for a doctor to take 10 seconds to take them out.  Am I slightly annoyed I went in?  Yes.  But, I have peace of mind in terms of how it's healing and what I can and cannot do for the next month while it continues to heal.  In the end I'm okay with my decision. 

Friday night I grabbed drinks with some girlfriends at Barbette in Uptown.

Saturday was our Drag Queens Overboard Brunch.  It was a nice change from Booty Cruise and who doesn't love drag queens? 

Are Steve, Tina, and I dropping an album soon?  Probably not.  But does this picture not look like it could be an album cover? 

I haven't been able to do physical activity since before my foot incident so I've been going a little crazy. I still can't wear shoes but threw on some flip flops and went for a 2 hour bike ride Sunday afternoon.  It was so mentally and physically uplifting!

It was such a perfect summer weekend.  I hope you enjoyed yours!

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