Dave's Weekend in Five Photos July 13 - 15

Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was busy and a ton of fun. Let's get started!

Friday night I went flying. A licensed pilot at my level has to go up every two years with an instructor for a flight review. It's not a pass-fail thing, it's just a review to make sure I still know what I'm doing. I've noticed over the years that I can learn something new from every pilot I fly with.

"Drag Brunch Overboard!" was Saturday in Stillwater and it was a ton of fun. We did it as a replacement for Booty Cruise because Booty Cruise just seemed to be getting a little trashier and grosser than we were comfortable with. But this was great. It was fun and almost no one drank too much so conversations were a lot more fun.

And I ran into these guys! I married them at the State Fair four years ago!

This is the "Scenic Overlook" just south of Stillwater. I'd never stopped at it before so I rode up and got this picture. Do you know these stones are from the old Stillwater prison and this structure was built in 1934? Very cool!

I rode over to the airport at Flying Cloud where there was an airshow with a lot of old World War Two planes. I love that stuff.  And I met this guy, Claude Hone, who is now 98 and flew planes off an aircraft carrier in WW2 when he was about 25 years old. What an amazing old guy he is!

And Sunday I went golfing with my daughter Allison and my wife.  It was sweaty and hot and it felt GREAT! I never complain about the summer heat! Cuz it only lasts a few months!

I hope you have a great week and get outside and enjoy it! 

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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