Taking Your First Trip to Disney, Here's Eight First Timer Mistakes

There is a lot to see and do at the most magical place on earth, so don’t just jump in with both feet. You need a game plan. The first thing you should know is the mistakes that past newbies have made that you can avoid. Let’s get to them.

  1. You arrive without a day to day schedule.
  2. You sleep in instead of getting an early start.
  3. You tackle multiple parks in one day.
  4. You don’t bring the necessary essentials for the kids. It’s a long day without them!
  5. You didn’t wear solid shoes. You could walk 15 miles in a day.
  6. Your first trip is during a holiday.
  7. You think Disney transportation takes too long. It’s amazingly fast.
  8. You don’t set up My Disney Experience. It’s a handy planner.

Here are a few more mistakes to avoid before you head to the happiest place on earth.