Nine Places to Celebrate a Nine Year-olds Birthday Party

My daughter, Olivia, turns nine-year-old in a few weeks and we recently realized WE HAVE NO IDEAS for her birthday. I asked for advice online and got some great ideas that I thought I'd pass on so if you have a similar dilemma this could help. 

Top Pick: Way Cool Cooking School

This was by far a listener favorite to take a group of kids for a fun, unique birthday activity where they can make food based on the theme of there choice.

Runner Ups: Cold Front

Birthday parties experience made-to-order fountain drinks, premium ice cream and exceptional coffee with superior customer service in a warm & welcoming space from morning until night.


Soooooo...Olivia got home from NY with Grandma on Wednesday and she wants to do Way Cool Cooking School but since she's a kid and says she has "so much energy" she wants to have the party at Urban Air in Coon Rapids which is another GREAT spot.  

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