Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 7/6 - 7/8

MN weather at its best this weekend people!

Friday 7/6 -

It was Basilica Block Party weekend! Friday was definitely the more chill day, but the weather was perfect and the music was amazing, so nothing to complain about!

My fav, your fav, our fav, Rav-Nasty was in town for a wedding this weekend! We got a crew together and did drinks Friday night after Basilica!

Saturday 7/7 -

Saturday morning started with some Home Run Derby fun with Zach and Colt! We were only able to stay for a couple innings unfortunately as we all had to leave to get to Basilica night 2.

100% my favorite set of the weekend & possibly ever, Judah & the Lion KILLED the church stage this year. I was that super weird girl standing on the side of the stage by myself dance aggressively. They played Mr. Brightside... I mean, COME ON!!!

This is my freshman year roomie, Alexa. She's fancy and lives in D.C. now, but it was so nice to see her!

Sunday 7/8 -

Sunday morning started way too stupid early. Raven's flight was at 10am and she wanted to have breakfast with everyone before she left. We met at The Lynhall at 7:30A...

After breakfast was Tina Time aka pool time.

Then I went to my parents, drank a whole bottle of wine & made this shrimp & veg bowl. Yum.

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