Dave's Weekend in Five Photos July 6 - 8

This weekend was a great weekend with just one thing that was hard.  Let's get started!

Carson and I went golfing on Friday which isn't that out of the normal.  What's unusual is that it was our last day together for FIVE WEEKS.  He left Saturday morning for a music school and won't be back till the 2nd week in August.  I'm bummed because this is our last real summer until he's out of high school and five weeks is a long time.

On the other hand, it's a great experience for him in the field he wants to be in. And it'll make him grow up pretty quickly. So it's a good thing too. But I'll still miss him. He's my buddy.

Since Susan was out of town and Carson was gone, I got on the motorcycle and rode west.

I stopped in Redwood Falls to check out the scenery.   It's hard to tell at first glimpse but this is taken from probably 100 feet above the river, which is flooding now from all the rain.

I spent Saturday night in Pipestone at this beautiful hotel called The Calumet.  It was built in 1883 and was one of the nicest hotels in Minnesota at the time.  It shut down for years and reopened in 1983 but it's struggling and will likely close down sometime soon.

That's such a shame because it's full of history and stories. I don't know what they'll turn it into if it closes down so I hope they can save it. If you've never been to Pipestone, it's a great place to spend a night.  The Pipestone National Monument is where the natives us to come to get a soft, carve-able stone called pipestone to make peace pipes and other ornamentation.

They still quarry and carve pipestone there but only natives can do it.  It's so cool and you can buy their artwork and talk to them as they work.

And the park itself it absolutely beautiful. The explorer who Nicollet Mall was named for carved his name there in something like 1839 and you can still see it.  It's isolated, beautiful, well-preserved and full of history.

Inside the park is a beautiful canyon with a river and rock formations.  They call this The Oracle.  It's a face in profile just to my right.  Can you see it?  It's impressive although I'll admit it looks small in this picture.

Back at home Sunday, I got the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at the Chanhassen Redbirds game.  I hadn't thrown a baseball in a couple of years so I was a little nervous but I lucked out and threw a strike. You can see the video on my Instagram @daveryankdwb

I hope YOU had a great weekend!  Thanks for looking at my blog!


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