Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 6/28 - 7/1

I. Am so. Tired.

Hey guys, it's me Tina. I was in Chicago again last weekend.

Thursday 6/28 -

Thursday after the show I jumped in a car with 4 other people to drive down to Chicago. Yes, I drove. With 4 other people. After a few stops it ended up taking us 7.5 hours to get there. We ended up in the city around 8:30P just for everyone to announce they were tired and wanted to go to bed. I had wayyyyy too much pent up energy to just go to sleep so I called up some friends.

My friends work for KISS in Chicago. This is the stupid cool view from their building.

This is my friend Jordan. He's the best & neither of us remember taking this photo.

Friday 6/29 -

I woke up (extremely hungover) and went to breakfast with a friend from college. 

I was again, suppppaaaa hungover so I ordered chia seed pudding. Honestly tasted super good, but I definitely should have forced mass amounts of protein into my body.

Friday was the Twins vs. Cubs game at Wrigley. I love the Cubs & don't get to make it games nearly as much as I'd like, so I stuck it out through the whole game even though the weather was almost unbearable. It was over 100 with humidity.  Thank god the game was entertaining.


Saturday 6/30 -

By the time Saturday came around I no longer knew what day it was. We got breakfast at Crosby's Kitchen on Southport. It's a v good restaurant and it's walking distance from my friend's apartment. 

Saturday night was FINALLY the whole reason I came to Chicago - Harry Styles.

This is my best friend Katie. We love Harry (a lot) and had so much fun seeing him in Chicago!

Sunday 7/1 -

Sunday we woke up and got back into the car (I drove home with Katie, not the 4 other people tg). We had to get back to MN to see Harry AGAIN last night at the Xcel.

We ended up in the pit and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I had a lot of room to dance like a weirdo and I was close enough that I could see his dimples. Win - win.  

and that makes 3 Harry concerts for us.

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