Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 6/29 - 7/1

The last few summers I've gone to my hometown best friend's cabin to celebrate the 4th of July.  They decided to do the big 4th celebration this past weekend so I headed to Wautoma, WI on Friday.  This is my bestie, Sami!

We usually spend a lot of time floating in the water and catching up on life. 

At night we hang out in the garage that has been named "The Red Shed".  Neighbors around the lake will come hang out, play drinking games, blast music, dance, etc.

I got eaten alive by mosquitos even though I sprayed myself constantly with bug spray so I couldn't sleep to save my life because I was so uncomfortable.  I got up early and went on a Sunday morning boat ride with all the moms. 

I know I know, I'm a bad friend for doing this while they were sleeping, but when I got back to the cabin I couldn't not take a picture of this.  My friend Hannah's dog Monk is obsessed with her so he never leaves her side.  Were you able to see him right away?

And a little added bonus this week!  Two of the girls put together this insane obstacle course from random things at the cabin.  

Station 1: Roll dice and whatever you roll you have to drink that amount at the last station

Station 2: Balance a drink in one hand, run to next station, drink cup

Station 3: Get a red solo cup hanging on a string from one tiki torch to the next using a squirt gun

Station 4: Knock over a bowling pin with a golf ball

Station 5: Put on flippers, blow up balloon, walk to next station holding the balloon between your thighs (this was the hardest and took forever)

Station 6: Flip Cup (with flippers on)

Station 7: Play one hoop of croquet (with flippers on)

Station 8: Dizzy Bat  (with flippers on) and then hit a beer can

Station 9: Finally take flippers off and do a slip n' slide

Station 10: Fill up ice cube holders with a drink according to what your dice roll was at the first station, pick up straw with mouth, drink out of straw, as soon you're done run and kick the final cone over

Here's a video of most of the course. I cut out some of the middle stuff because it took a while, but I highly recommend putting together something like this for the 4th of July! (Hit the arrow button to see all of the vids!)

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