Dave's Boy Scout Vacation in 10 Pictures!

Well hello!

It's good to be back! Carson and I went to the Florida Keys to Scout Camp at what's called "Sea Base." We  lived on a sailboat for five days and have a great time snorkeling, fishing and relaxing. Here are ten pics!

That's me by the boat we were on, "Wanderer." It had beds for 6 people but there were nine of us including the captain so I slept on the deck every night, which was actually really nice!

Oh, before we got to camp, we visited the zoo.

The boys bought a 3 dollar plastic donkey and named him "Max."  Max was the mascot of our trip.

As you can imagine, sunsets were awesome.

And on the last day we had a rainbow.

This is our entire crew with Captain Chuck in the front.

Carson helping raise the sails.

You know me, I love games so I brought a bunch along. The boys are playing Sushi Go!

We had a great time! It was over too quickly.

Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!  And yay! Wednesday is July 4th!


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