Jersey Shore Baby Mama Drama

A little earlier this year, Ronnie and his baby momma got into a much heated debate. She found out what he did in Miami during Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and he found out she had explicit videos of her and her ex on her phone... this ensued on Instagram live:

After this fight, their baby was born and they made up.... at least we thought....

According to,

Jen was booked for domestic violence late Sunday in Vegas.

She got into a fight with Ronnie while driving home from a BBQ. She hit Ronnie in the face whilst driving, he got out of the car when she pulled over, he got caught in his seatbelt and Jen took off, dragging him.... run on sentence... i know...

Anyways, the most ratchet part of the story is their 2 month old daughter, Ariana, was in the car while it all went down.

These two need to Ross and Rachel and go on a break.

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