Colt's Weekend In Five Photos 6/15-6/17

Hmmmm... where do I start?

Okay I guess it all happened after my show on Friday (which was awesome btw).

I got some drinks on a rooftop bar. 

I ended the night on the Westend near my apartment. We went to the Loop for drinks and food. SO DAYUM GOOD

Saturday was super chill too. 

I woke up, went to work for a sec, then decided to drive around Lake Minnetonka. Jenn (my wife) and I saw soooo many mansions we hope to live in one day lol. 

It would be soooo dope to have a house on the lake... It doesn't even have to be a mansion. I'm cool with whatever.

We ended Saturday night in Lakeville at Babes with Zach Dillion. Always a good time!

Sunday, I let my boss' dogs out as he was in Iowa for a Horse show with his family. 

I then headed directly back to my place and took this somewhat of a savage photo for fathers day that everyone seemed to love:

Other than that, Jenn and I literally did nothing besides grocery shop at Trader Joes.

We spent the day watching movies and catching up on TV shows.

Oh! yeah! My son also got me a little gift     

That's pretty much my weekend in Five Photos. 

What about you? What happened? Whats the highlight or lowlight?

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