Murder Monday: The Amazing Vacation That Never Happened

The emails from Chris Smith to family and friends began in June 2010 with seemingly happy news: The 30-year-old wrote that he was flush with $1 million cash after selling out his half of an ad company to his partner and was embarking on an epic world journey by yacht with a Playboy playmate he'd met in Vegas. 

The issue is none of it actually happened because his business partner killed him.  In a six-hour interview with authorities, Shin revealed that he killed Smith, 32, in June 2010. For the next seven months, Shin pretended to be a traveling Smith in emails sent to his family in Oregon.

Two months before his arrest, Ed Shin allegedly created a blog called Mr. Shincredible that featured one post where he basically forgave himself.

 "In the end, as I look upon my life and live it with a heavy heart knowing the people that I've hurt along the way, I can only hope to try and rectify everything in some small measure and know that in God's eyes that was good enough and that I'm good enough for him,"

Shin's trial continues to be pushed back, it was supposed to begin in the spring but the trial keeps getting pushed back.  

More details on Murder Monday here and here. 

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