Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 6/8 - 6/10

I went back home this weekend for something called Walleye Weekend.  It's a big fishing tournament/festival.  Live bands, dog shows, softball games, the best cheese curds you'll ever have and more!  Friday night I went to it with my friend Bailey!

I met up with my sisters and dad to watch a famous cover band from Wisconsin called Boogie and the Yo-Yoz.

Saturday afternoon my 18 year old cousin's band performed at the festival.  They're also a cover band.  I've never had a chance to see them play before so it was fun seeing them.  Here's the whole band, my mom, sisters, cousins, and aunt & uncle. 

And finally, I have yet to find cheese curds as amazing as the ones you can get at Walleye Weekend.  This is happiness in a picture to me. 

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