Some of the Daily Habits That’ll Make Your Boobs Sag

As we get older, there are some things we can expect to encounter, like grey hair and laugh lines, and saggy boobs. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but as women age, their skin thins out and becomes less elastic, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Dirk Kremer. So natural causes, like genetics and ageing contribute to sagging, but time isn’t the only enemy, we can also blame pregnancy, obesity, or dramatic weight loss for a bosom sag.

But here are some bad habits we should avoid to stop the sag:

  • Sleeping on your stomach - It might be comfy, but Dr. Kremer says it’s the worst position for your boobs because they’re pushed down and side sleeping isn’t great either because it causes breast ligaments to stretch, unless you put a pillow under them for support. So your best bet is sleeping on your back.
  • High-impact workouts - Dr. Kremer admits the jury is still out on whether working out makes breasts sag, but he says “some experts say the back-and-forth motions that happen when you run or do a similar workout can lead to a breakdown of breast collagen.” So invest in a good quality, well-fitted sports bra for your sweat sessions.
  • Wearing a bra all the time - There’s some debate about this but Dr. Kremer says that French researchers found the “support” of bras” weakens the muscles in the chest, “making the breasts droop.” But on the flip side, he says that wearing a bra can help stop premature sagging, so you do you, but don’t be afraid to let the girls go free every once in a while, as long as you’re not running a marathon that day.
  • Skipping sunscreen - Damaging skin with UV rays can lead to wrinkles, so don’t forget the SPF.
  • Crash dieting - Gaining and losing weight can cause breast tissue to become slack, “kind of like old tights,” Dr. Kremer explains.
  • Smoking - You already know it’s bad for your health, but Dr. Kremer says “any amount of smoking weakens and ages skin by decreasing the blood supply to the skin surface.” Just another reason to quit if you’re still smoking.

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