Colt's Wedding Photos Came Back!

I'm not really sure where to start....

I guess at the beginning? 

We were high school sweethearts..... 


I'll skip to the actually wedding day:

Jenn was at her parents cabin getting ready. It was a warm rocky mountain day in Estes Park, Colorado. She was drinking mimosas and getting prepped for the big day with her bridesmaids at her side. 

This is Jenn btw....


So, They were doing their thing. Getting stoked for the big day like so:

Me and my groomsmen were also getting ready.

We started off the day with a hike & then headed back to our cabin to get ready. not to drink. we didn't drink. i promise. 

On to the ceremony!

Do I really have to narrate? Or do the pictures do that??

I'll use the pics.

On to the reception!

It got crazyyyyyyyy

Boos + Family + Friends = yas

Such a damn good time.

Ya know. I realized during the reception... you don't pay for the cake, venue or ceremony. 

You pay for the memories you make. I made so many that night   

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