Allison's Wedding!

Here are some pictures from Allison's wedding on Saturday. I didn't caption most of them but I will say I love the top one. I didn't notice until someone pointed it out that you can see our reflection behind us and Allison smiling.  I just love that!

That's my granddaughter Kelsea and her brother Liam.

All four of my kids, Beth, Carson, Allison and Chase.

These two never left the dance floor.

Yeah, I shoulda taken it before they cut it.  Here's something interesting, they didn't call attention to them cutting the cake and they didn't do the smashing cake in each other face thing.  I know the face part has been gone for awhile, but last wedding I went to, cutting the cake was a big deal. At Allison and Justin's wedding, they just went over and cut it.

Some great former KDWB co-workers. The guy in the tie was the guy who had to drive me to the airport 25 years ago after my interview at KDWB.  I always give him a hard time now, because he was SO annoyed he had to drive me. LOL!

Jon Lin. Simply the greatest piano player ever.

It was a long day.

Thanks for looking!

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