Amazing! Jessica's Lost 110lbs Since Star Party 2017!

What a difference a year makes?  

Jessica emailed the Dave Ryan Show hoping to win KDWB Star Party tickets and for sticking to a goal we think it's the least we can do. 

Jessica wrote, 

A year ago I had the opportunity to buy Star Party tickets. I know 🙄 (spent too much money on them and I should have tried to win them...) But, I went with my best friend and, we had a fabulous time. My 1st KDWB Event ever! Star Party 2017, I was at the heaviest weight I've been. After Star Party weekend I decided it was time to change my life.  I changed my lifestyle and eating habits and I have lost over 110lbs and counting!!! Last week, my best friend that went with me last year to Star Party sent me a text. Attached  was a side by side  picture of me at star party and a current picture of me now in almost the exact same outfit! The text message read: Star party was 1 year ago today! Look at you go!! I attached the picture to share with  you guys to my transformation too! 😁I was shocked seeing the two pictures side by side. So Dave, Steve-O, and Falen. I was wondering if I could get a pair of (FREE) Star Party tickets this year? So I can shake my new, and improved, healthier booty on the dance floor!!! If not it's okay too! I hope by even sharing my story inspires someone to take that leap (whatever it may be) in their life. Even if it feels scary or unachievable.  We are all strong enough to achieve our goals and dreams.

Jessica has lost 110lbs

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