Dave's Memorial Day Weekend in SIX Photos May 25 - 28

I hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend! The weather in Minnesota was beyond perfect. And if you've lived here awhile, you know Memorial Day Weekend weather is usually wet and cold. This weekend was the best I can remember in 25 years.  90+ degrees on a holiday weekend? That almost never happens!

Had I known the weather here would be so nice, I for sure would have stayed home and spent it with the family. But knowing Carson would be gone part of the weekend, and Susan had plans to go on a boat with her girls, I thought, "Okay, I'll go ride and hike and relax in Colorado."

I've made this ride a dozen time from Colorado Springs up into the mountains to Cripple Creek. It's an old gold-rush town. Fun Fact: More gold came out of this town than the entire California and Alaska Gold Rushes combined. It's now a gambling town with about 20 casinos, a ton of souvenir shops and a few restaurants.

When I go to Colorado, I stay in the house I grew up in. My mom must have planted these because they're growing in her old garden and nowhere else. I think they're wild irises, according to what someone told me on Instagram.

Yes, I bought it!  Remember, I grew up on a chicken farm. I'm going to put this in the front yard in Colorado. The neighbors will love it!  LOL!  You should have seen the big ones they were selling.  About 7 feet high.

I was making a campfire outside on Saturday night and on the ground I found this old marble.  Chances are it's a marble I dropped when I was a kid, so I kept it.

I was out riding and rode by my old college, Pikes Peak Community College.  It was closed for the holiday weekend, but I took this picture through the window of the radio station there. This is the station I was first on the air at the summer after I graduated high school.  It looks a lot different cuz there were no computers in there back then, but it's the same room.

I rode the motorcycle up Pikes Peak. It's an amazing route with plenty of twists and turns in 19 miles and a gain of about 5,000 in altitude. Those are train tracks behind me and sadly, the train is closed now after about 120 years in business.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!


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