You can FINALLY Mute People on Instagram!


We all have that one friend (or friends) who's posts you just don't want to see anymore. Maybe they post too much, maybe they just got engaged and you really don't need to see the 32nd picture from their engagement shoot or maybe you just don't care about what they are sharing. 

The simple solution would be to just unfollow them, but it's not always that simple. This person is probably a co-worker or family member and you really can't just unfollow them without some serious shade being drifted your way.

Fear not my friends! Instagram has listened to our cries for help & has granted us a mute button!

Here is how it works:

Click the ... button in the top right corner of the annoying person's post.

Source: Instagram

Then click "mute". You'll get options to mute their posts or double the fun and also mute their stories! 

Fun fact - you can already mute people's stories. Just press and hold on their circle icon.

Source: Instagram

The mute feature is new and will take a few weeks to roll out according to Instagram

I don't have it yet (sad face emoji) but the minute the update rolls, you bet I'm going on a mute-spree. 

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