My Trip To Como Town!

Como Town is SOOOO much fun.  Don't believe me? Go see for yourself someday.  Great rides for children of all ages and even the adults that want to be children all over again (like myself)

First picture of the day... wristband picture with my two little ones.  They were so excited to be there!

They loved the foam parties that they do multiple times a day.  They literally fill up an entire section of the park with foam for the kids to run through and have fun in.  One of the highlights of the day for sure!

They were excited for the bumper cars ride and hugged it out!

I even joined in the fun and went on the Tiger Trax Roller Coaster with my son.  I took a video during the big dip in the ride... it was actually pretty thrilling for me! It was such a fun day... get yourself out there this Summer!

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