Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 5/11 - 5/13

I've been filling in for the night show the last couple nights so I spent Friday night at the station.  Some people would find working on a Friday night miserable, but honestly I had a ton of fun and plenty of solo studio dance parties.  To see me act ridiculous, follow me on Insta!

Friday morning the sky looked like cotton candy.

I went to brunch at Hi-Lo Diner with a friend Saturday morning. 

After brunch, I ran to Target to get some patio furniture.  I moved into my place last October and didn't have any patio furniture yet so I was holding off until summer came around. Well.... I bought these chairs and spent 20 minutes attempting to shove them in my car, had no luck, and went back in to return them.  Wah wah. 

I went to Falen's Big Axe Woman event Saturday.  This was attempt number 3.  I got a bullseye a couple times but really just had decent beginners luck. 

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