13 Royal Wedding Questions Answered

Your prince will come.

This joke is to stupid I had to include it. 

So what about this Royal Wedding anyway? Do you care? Why is it such a big deal in America? And should it be capitalized?

Who's paying for it? Will she become a princess? And is Barack Obama going?

I remember the royal wedding/Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. (Yes, she was Lady Diana before she was married)  It seemed so wonderful and perfect and he was handsome, kinda, and she was beautiful. But she cheated and he cheated and when she died, we realized that even with all the pomp and ceremony, they're really not too different that most of us, big picture.

But we love to hold on to that idea of a fairytale, and it's surprising that in 2018, so many women are still enthralled by the idea of a rich, handsome, world-famous PRINCE would marry them. (BTW, it's okay. All of us have a tenancy to make exceptions when it comes to ourselves, right?)

Back to the "Why do we care?" thing. I don't know. We just do, some more than others.

And here are 13 of the most important Royal Wedding questions answered.

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