Dave's Weekend in Five Photos May 4 - 6

What a beautiful weekend!

I hope you have some great photos and stories of your own from the weekend.  Here's my weekend in five photos!

Carson's prom was Saturday.  He and his group went to the gardens by Lake Harriet for pictures.  I've lived here for 25 years and have never been.  It's beautiful, even though this early in the season there weren't many flowers. Lots of other prom kids were there too, taking pictures.

I drove my friend Curtis to the airport and had to have him take this picture.  This is the oldest tree in St. Paul.  It's HUGE!  I can't say exactly where it is, cuz it's in his backyard, but it's super cool!  Hard to imagine it's been there 200 plus years!

There were so many great photo opps at the Humane Society's "Walk For Animals" but this is my favorite. It's a bearded dragon, hanging with his new buddy, Steve-O.

Carson and I are playing golf this summer. This is his second time on an actual course.  We both did terrible but it was fun.  He came a couple of inches from getting his first par.

Do people still take pictures of their food?  It's been a long time for me, so I figured what the heck? This is from Sakana Sushi in Wayzata. And it was awesome.

Did you have a great weekend? Comment below and let me know what you did!

As always, THANKS for looking at my blog!


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