The BEST running race idea EVER!

This is a race I can even get down with! :)\

This weekend, the town of Boerne, Texas, is hosting a charity race for underachievers.

The Boerne 0.5 Race is a .5K race between two beer pubs on Saturday, May 5th -- Cinco de Mayo!

Runners get beer at the starting line and the finish line -- and will also be provided with donuts, coffee, a participation trophy, and a "pretentious oval Euro-style 0.5k sticker that you can attach to the rear window of your car to show everyone what a cool hipster you are."

Tickets for the event are already sold out, with all the money raised going to the charity group Blessings in a Backpack, which helps feed needy students. It’s a great example of lazy people getting together for a good cause. 

Source: Newsweek

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