New Facebook Feature Gives Your Partner Another Way to Cheat

Woman on computer at work looking for strange using new Facebook dating feature.

Look out Tinder and Bumble – Facebook is coming for you. During a big online event yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg talked all things Facebook – and announced a new dating service as part of that. “Dating” that will be launched by Facebook. It’ll exist right in the app you’re already familiar with.


The best part? You can make separate profiles to search for your baes.


No worries – none of your friends will be able to see your activity on the service, and your Facebook profiles won’t interact at all when you match with someone. Even better? Your Facebook friends can’t even show up as potential matches. And it’ll have it’s own personal messaging capabilities so you don’t have to get your inboxes confuse.


You’ll find people with mutual friends, shared interests, or even people going to the same events as you. The service on Facebook is probably going to be huge, so you’re going to want to start using it as soon as it hits our phones.

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