Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/27 - 4/29

This weekend was pretty chill you guys.

Friday 4/27 -

Friday night my fake cousin's real parents were here from Australia (long story) so I headed to Shakopee to hang out with them! It was so nice to see them, the last time I was able to see them in the state was 15 years ago!

I rained for a bit Friday night and we were able to see this insane DOUBLE RAINBOW! It was lit.

My 10 year old cousin tried to teach me Fortnight. Real talk, I've never owned a gaming system in my life. So learning any type of game is normally super confusing for me.

Saturday 4/28 -

I decided that it was a nice day and I should be active, so I called up my friend Harry & we took his dogs for a walk around Lake Harriet with his brother, Sam.

After our walk we went for dinner at Agraculture and I tired an Impossible burger. Have you ever tried one? It's a non-meat patty that supposedly taste exactly like actual burger meat. It was super legit, highly recommend trying!!

Sunday 4/29 -

I went to brunch with my friend Lauren at Birchwood Cafe! I was craving a bloody mary on Sunday and Birchwood's did not disappoint! 

Next weekend I'm off to Disney World so stay tuned for some awesome content next week!!

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