Dave's Weekend in Five Photos April 27 - 29

Some weekends, we sit around and on Sunday night we say, "Holy hell! I did NOTHING all weekend!"

And that's fine sometimes. But this weekend wasn't one of those for me.

Let's gets started!

This picture is so bad! But I don't care! I was having fun at March for Babies at Mall of America with my band, "Dat Brass Doe."  Don't ask me what I was doing but obviously clowning around doing something!

A shot taken of the band while we took a break from walking. Thanks to everyone who walked or supported the walkers or helped coordinate this huge event!

My wife Susan and I played Bananagrams on Saturday night. You might not be able to see it but she has a word that doesn't exist right in the middle of her puzzle.  "Figi"?  What the hell is a figi???

Carson and I decided to take up golf this summer.  I used to play all the time but haven't in 10 years or more.  He only started a few weeks ago but it was time to get him his own set.  Thanks to Josh at 2nd Swing at Ridgedale for helping us out.  I didn't get paid to say that, and I didn't get a discount.  I just sincerely wanted to say what a great job Josh did!

I found a bag in the garage of all the old books and stuff we used to keep in the car for Carson.  Travel Bingo, License Plate Game, etc.  He's 17 so he won't need it again but it was still kind of hard to throw away.

Whether you stayed busy and got a ton accomplished, or whether you relaxed on the couch, I hope you had a great weekend.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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