Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/20 - 4/22


SUN!! WARMTH!! Oh my God I've missed it so much!! I hope you got out this weekend and tried to enjoy the weather! Lucky for us, it looks like it's sticking around all week long.

Friday 4/20 -

Friday night I went to Camila Cabello with Falen and some of our other work friends! First, we had to get our food on, so we ate dinner at Freehouse. I was feeling some fish & chips.

Camila was AMAZING! She is seriously so talented & it was awesome to see her perform on her own show. Bazzi, who was in the KDWB Skyroom earlier in the day, opened for Camila & he killed it as well. 

Saturday 4/21 -

This weekend I watched my neighbor's dogs. They are adorable fluff nuggets and we spent as much time as possible sitting outside on the deck. Saturday night I helped throw a couples shower for my friend Sara. It was less a couples shower than it was just a party, but still, super fun night!

Sunday 4/22 -

If you're anything like me, the reality that Game of Thrones isn't coming back for a whole year is really starting to set in. It is v sad. I watch Thrones with a group of my friends and it's a Sunday activity I look forward to every year. Since that joy was taken away from me this year, I decided to implement Westworld Sundays instead. Not the same, but still a chance to get together!

Last night was the season 2 premiere & it was so good! Who else watches?! Tweet me (@TinaRange) and let me know what you think of this season's twist! 

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